European DIGITAL SME Alliance: Software can be one of Europe’s strongest economic sectors.

7. Januar 2020 Europapolitik
  • Several European software developers, particularly SMEs and startups, are global leaders in their sectors
  • Many SMEs rely on third-party hardware to run their software solutions on
  • The revision of the EU Radio Equipment Directive can create a legal framework that supports software-producing SMEs’ business models

European tech companies are market leaders. Although giants like Google and Microsoft come to mind when you hear the word “software”, Europe is a world-leading innovator in business-to-business (B2B) solutions, the home turf of its strong SME economy. In areas like Industry 4.0, fin-tech, gaming and logistics, European companies already outshine international competition. As software becomes more and more critical in production and manufacturing, Europe has the potential to emerge as a “software giant” in these areas. Details